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Entry #2

Update list

2009-09-12 19:20:17 by DatBoiNC

This is the list of my recent tracks that has been updated so far.
I am planning to update more tracks to fix errors, quality og longer time-lenght.

So far done:

- Hate n' Sorrow - 07/13-09

= Time-lenght increased

- End of 09 - 12/21-2009

= Time-lenght increased

= Minor qualities improved

- Mystic Clouds - 9/10 -2010

= Fixed the 2nd verse. removed 'Yeah' vocal and added new break at part 2/3. Ending has been changed as well.

- Finalized - 21/5-2011

= Bass boost increased
= Track extended

- The Best Out - 8/2-2011

= Tempo decreased
= Quality improved


I will come back with more updates in the future. Submissions with too many listeners can't be updated


5/8-2012 - Looks like after the site update, you can edit any submissions. That's great news!

Peace out n' stay kool


Feel free to follow me @


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2009-09-13 16:03:12

Also, submissions that were used in flash submissions cannot be updated :)
Could you PM me when you update your tracks?

DatBoiNC responds:

Sure thing. I'm planning to update Just chillin' just you know it.


2009-11-21 17:52:59

Who's the other person? I mean you wrote "we" not "I".

Anyways, sounds nice man, like your tracks man.


2009-12-15 14:16:56

Awesome man!
Great to see you've build up a group.


2010-06-12 17:25:32

yo i voted on that hhtyd and gave u a 9 i wanted to erase and give u a ten shit hifher if they had it i hit the wrong button my bad that beat was sick

DatBoiNC responds:

It's aight. I'm more pleased ya liked it


2010-07-09 12:35:49

Sick-ass submissions rite derr son


2013-07-25 17:56:19

i like your sound. keep up the good work i followed your soundcloud